Ultimate Christmas Disc Golf Gift Guide

This holiday season, disc golfers and their loved ones alike will be shopping for gifts, many wondering the same thing, what the heck to gift a disc golfer. Do I risk buying them a disc that they might not even bag? And if you are not an avid disc golfer you might even be wondering what else a disc golfer might need, besides of course, discs. Not to worry, plenty of alternatives exist, and we here at QuickDiscUSA have all your Christmas gifting needs.


1        Disc Golf Dry Sack

An essential addition to any disc golfer’s bag, a dry sack will keep your hands dry in the sweatiest heat, or when the rain is pouring. Grip is one of the biggest keys of a successful throw, no one wants their disc slipping out early, and having a clean snap on the disc adds that extra crips flight. A dry sack is small enough to clip to any bag, or even held in a pocket for those one disc rounds. Never a bad choice, the dry sack makes a great stocking stuffer.

2        Disc Golf Umbrella

No disc golfer likes the rain, but sometimes it is an unavoidable inevitability, better to be prepared than soaked. A discrete disc golf umbrella to pack away in that bag will make any disc golfer appreciative. Easy to stow, light enough that you don’t notice it, and ready when you need it.


3        Personalized Mini

No disc golfers bag is complete without a mini, the piece that we all cherish most, that gives us confidence when stepping up to a big putt. Personalizing a mini for your friend or family member can be an amazing way to give them that added little push on the course, to make them smile even on the tough rounds, and to remind them that there is always someone thinking of them. A personalized mini can take many forms, and no two will ever be alike, so feel free to get a few and make them fun!

4        Rangefinder

There are countless times in round and during field work that you reach towards your rangefinder, whether gauging a risky upshot or measuring your max distance, a rangefinder is an invaluable tool in the disc golfer’s bag. Portable enough to stick in a pocket, its never far from the hand, the perfect gift to blow the socks off your favorite disc golfer.

5        Personalized Towel

Much like a mini, a towel is something we use on the course on nearly every throw Wiping dust from the disc, drying it off on those dewy mornings, or just the sweat from your bro, like the guide to the galaxy says, never leave home without your towel. Personalizing a towel with a message of encouragement is a wonderful way to send that disc golfer in your life out onto the course with an extra bit of confidence and self worth, disc golf being the mental sport that it is, a invaluable asset.

6        Disc Golf Clothing

While we may not have as strict a dress code as our sister sport, disc golfers still like to dress up and show out when they roll up to a course. Dri-fit tees and polos, hoodies and windbreakers, active wear pants and shorts, all are greatly appreciated. If you are a resident of a cold weather state, perhaps consider a nice pair of gloves or even some heated clothing, those winter rounds can get frosty.

7        Mini Baskets and Discs

No one likes leaving the course, every next throw could be that magic ace. Why not bring that fun home in the form of mini baskets and discs! Able to be set up and played around a backyard or even the home (if its kept safe) mini baskets are an awesome way to continue the fun when the day out is done.